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Civic Association

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aPresident: Ron Meyer / Former President: Betty Kingma  /

Treasurer:  Donna Kramer / Secretary: Heidi Parcher

 About the association


Mission Statement: 

To promote the quality of life in the community by sustaining and promoting the living conditions in the village of Lamont. Activities include decorating the boulevard with Christmas lights, cleaning and maintaining the boulevard and organizing various community social meetings.

The association was formed in 1958.  The objective then was:
  • To sustain and improve living conditions in the Village of Lamont
  • To protect the natural beauty of the village and promote future projects to maintain and improve its streets and parks
  • To cooperate with Church and School groups.
  • To promote safety programs pertaining to traffic and pedestrian safety, fire prevention, etc.
  • To arrange and maintain decorations at Christmas time

    The Association maintains this philosophy yet today.  The Lamont Civic Association has recently been filed as a non-profit charitable organization, and as such all donations made to the Associations will be tax deductible.

The Association puts up the Christmas lights and luminaries in the boulevard every winter, maintains the boulevard, puts up flags lining the boulevard in the summer.  We also try to sponsor various community socials.











Saturday, May 17, 2014

Car Show (9am - 3pm) 

Tractor Show (9am - 3pm) 

Arts & Crafts Sale (9am - 3pm) 

Children's Inflatables (9am - 3pm) 

Musical Entertainment (10am - 2pm) 

Carriage Rides (11am - 1:30pm) 

Chicken BBQ (11am - 2pm) 

River Cruises (11am, noon, 1pm) 

Bike Decorating Contest & Parade (1pm) 

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After obtaining ownership (in 2010) to the three acres of land where stood the Lamont School for 75 or so years, the Lamont Civic Association began to develop a community park - right in the heart of our beautiful village.

Last summer (2013), five new and used pieces of playground equipment were erected and installed - including a swing set and monkey bar unit purchased with grants from the Coopersville Area Community Foundation Youth Committee.  In addition, four very sturdy picnic tables were purchased with a grand from the CACF.  The Lamont Civic Association is so grateful for the funding by this local foundation - making these special purchases possible.

Right now (March 2014) we are waiting for the weather to clear so that construction can begin on our pavilion - a 24' x 40' covered area for family picnics and other community events. After our successful Tour of Homes last fall, we finally have enough money for this ambitious project.

At the same time, construction will begin on the planned Memorial to the old Lamont School.  The cupola from the school was salvaged during demolition and will be refurbished and placed on a cement monument - surrounded by a patio.  This patio will be constructed of engraved bricks - which are being sold to local residents and former Lamont School students.  If you are interested in purchasing a brick and supporting this historic effort, contact one of the officers of the Civic Association.

We have also been able to purchase a volleyball set and charcoal grill with another CACF grant - both of which will be installed this spring.

Hopefully an additional piece of playground equipment and more picnic tables will also be purchased from grant applications that are pending.

In the future, we also plan to construct a hiking path through the wooded portion of the park, a parking lot and a possible basketball court.

A beautiful new sign welcomes Lamont residents to enjoy their new community park - even as it continues to evolve.

If you have additional ideas for your park, please contact a member of the Civic Association board.  your tax-deductible donations would also be appreciated - and put to good use.



The Civic Association’s next Board Meetings will be Monday, May 5, 2014 at 7:00pm, at the Lamont Christian Reformed Church.

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Lamont History 

Founded in 1835 


One of Michigan’s prettiest villages began almost by accident when, in 1833, two brothers, Henry and Zine Steele, headed by boat from Grand Rapids to Grand Haven, stopped to rest at a welcoming bend on the Grand River.  They never completed their journey.  Their picturesque stopping place, rolling hills, fertile fields, large stands of trees, and home to the Ottawa and Pottawanimi tribes, was what they were looking for.  Friends and family back home in New York State soon joined them and by 1835, Steele’s Landing—later named Lamont—had become a well-populated, thriving community.

At first accessible only by boats on the Grand River or horseback along the old Grand River Trail, by 1855 the village had become a regular steamboat and stagecoach stop, with two hotels, three general stores, hardware, furniture, and shoe stores, a tannery, a blacksmith shop, a grist mill, and a button factory.

Although its glory days are history, the little town on the hill above the bend in the river has lost none of the attributes that brought those pioneers to settle here.  Quiet, pretty as ever, Lamont on the Grand remains one of Michigan’s most charming villages.




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Board Members:


  Ron Meyer       w: 677-1323   c: 558-4320  email:

  Betty Kingma   h: 677-3246                         email:

  Heidi Parcher   h: 635-7065                         email:

  Donna Kramer  h: 677-3357                         email:


Evelyn Boes, Carol Lundquist, Ron Luyk, Thelma Matthews, John Wells, Robert VanRhee and Betty Busman


All donations are tax deductible and can be made to:


The Lamont Civic Association

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